Childproof Smartphone

Almost every parent around the globe finds it hard to keep their phone out of toddlers reach. Worry not, a newly developed age detecting system can automatically figure out if your child is swiping the screen and also automatically block apps that you do not want your child to look into.

There are various Smartphone apps available that claim to control kid’s activity on phone, but can be easily disabled by tech-savvy children. The researchers from University of South Carolina and China have developed an age-detecting system which would make it easier for the parents to hand their phone over to curious children without worrying that the child will stumble upon an inappropriate website or get into a work e-mail account.

The researchers observed two big differences between how children and adults use the phone. First, kids have small hands and shorter fingerprints than adults and they often touch a smaller area on the screen and make shorter swipes. Second, children tend to swipe their fingers more sluggishly across the screen and slowly switch from swiping to tapping.

To authenticate these differences, researchers developed a simple app and asked a group of children aged 3 to 11 and group of adults aged 22 to 60 to use it. This app gave participants access to unlock an Android phone and then play game which was numbers-based so that researchers could record the various swipes and taps. They also tracked the amount of pressure applied by the user and the area they covered.

The data collected was then used to train the age-detecting system that they say is 84% accurate with just one swipe on the screen. This figure goes up to 97% after eight swipes. While the system is yet not built into a phone, but it looks like a really promising way to ensure that little fingers don’t tap in the wrong places.